Sweet Ivy is still looking for a home!

Ivy is a great big lovable dog! If you have a place in your heart for a big dog, she may be the one for you. Ivy needs a family that will have time for her and let her be a member of their “pack.” She would do best in a home that has had experience with and understands large dogs, especially the Mastiff or American Bulldog types. She would probably do okay in a home with older children or no children, and with a male dog or as the only dog. Ivy is about 80-90 lbs, spayed, house trained and crate trained. Ivy follows her foster mom around the house and always wants to be close by. Like other Mastiffs or American Bulldogs, Ivy is a good watch dog and can be protective. She will bark at passersby or if someone knocks at the door. She gets along well with another dog in the house (a male dog), and she has no problem with cats either. Although she is calm in the house, Ivy still needs regular walks otherwise she gets antsy. On walks, Ivy doesn’t react to squirrels or rabbits, however, she can get a little nervous if someone walks/runs by us or speeds by on a bike. I’ve found the Gentle Leader collar to work well with her on walks, and I use simple training techniques to keep her calm if we are near runners or bicyclists. Next to sniffing around on walks, Ivy absolutely LOVES car rides! As an adult dog, Ivy appears healthy and trim. She is on a grain-free diet (Orijen dog food), which helps control a mild condition called ichthyosis. This causes a flaking of the skin, much like dandruff, however, it is under control with the diet. Overall, this hasn’t been a big issue at all.