About Underdog Rescue

Underdog Rescue, MN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, foster-based, rescue group dedicated to the rehabilitation and permanent placement of homeless dogs and cats of all ages and all breeds.  We believe that all animals deserve caring, responsible homes and if there is one common bond between us and our foster volunteers, it is this:

We are genuinely moved by each of the amazing animals who come into our care and we believe we are their advocates.

Sometimes, the details of their painful pasts are known to us.  Sometimes they are not.  But always, their need for a caring, stable home is very clear.  We have each dog and cat thoroughly examined by one of our partner veterinarians and we ensure that all necessary medical work is completed before placement.  By the time they are ready for their new forever family, we have gotten to know them and we are deeply invested in their well being.  It is for those reasons that Underdog Rescue, working with its amazing network of volunteer fosters, does everything in its power to ensure that each dog or cat is placed with responsible people who are able to make a lifelong commitment to their new pet. Our fee setting, application, screening and follow up processes are designed solely for that purpose.

Underdog Rescue, MN was founded in 2000 by Shannon McKenzie. We have placed more than 12,000 dogs and cats into loving homes. We could not have done so without the help of our wonderful fosters, veterinary care partners, and community partnerships. Our organization does not have a facility to hold these animals while they wait for forever homes. It is because of the generosity of these people opening their homes, offering their resources and skills that we are able to work together to save the Underdog!

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