Pet Surrender

If your dog is originally from Underdog please DO NOT fill out this form, instead use our Contact Form >

Thank you for thinking of Underdog Rescue as a safe place to rehome your pet. Underdog Rescue accepts all animals in our pet surrender program.

We cannot guarantee acceptance of your animal. The below behaviors will only be considered to be accepted with notes from a trainer that the pet has recently seen:

  • Human aggression issues, including children and adults
  • Severe separation anxiety
  • Animal aggression issues, including dogs and cats that must be the only animal in the home due to behavior issues

We do not accept animals with the following:

  • Multiple bite history of a person or other animals
  • A Dangerous Dog or Potentially Dangerous Dog declaration by the county
  • Cat urination/defecation outside of the litter box

Once your application is received, you will receive an email from our Surrender Team requesting a minimum of 2 photos and all medical records. If we do not receive a response within 2 business days that includes the pets up to date medical history and photos, your application will be cancelled. Underdog Rescue cannot call your vet and gain access to your pets medical files.

Once all is received, Underdog Rescue will, only then, be in touch if we have a foster home available that fits the needs of your pet. If your pet is surrendered to us, you will be required to make a donation to assist in covering the costs of keeping them in foster care. The Application submitted is only an inquiry and is not a contract. Once a foster home is secured, you will be required to sign a formal Owner Surrender Form.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide temporary housing for pets while the owners are going through a hardship. Surrendering a pet to us means Underdog will find a suitable new home for the pet.

Underdog Rescue knows that there are many animals with aggression and behavior issues. We firmly believe that a trainer or behaviorist is the first step that should be taken so that the pet can remain in their current home. However, there may be some animals that are unable to adjust to a family life. If that animal is best suited for humane euthanasia, Underdog Rescue believes this should happen with the family the animal knows and loves and not strangers from Underdog Rescue.

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