Ralph and buddy
The accompanying picture shows our new companion, Ralph, with our long-time friend, Fred. (Fred is a Bichon Frise, almost 16 years old.) We adopted Ralph last November. He is a 6 to 8 year-old miniature apricot poodle. For the first day or two, he was shy. Now he greets us with enthusiasm, dancing about on his tall, slender legs, and his tail wagging. He is completely house-broken and loves Fred. But there’s a bit of competition as to who get’s to sleep between our pillows at night. He’s adorable. Thank you, Underdog Resue!
Curtis and Patsy
An update on Ralph from his former foster mom
My husband and I fostered Ralph for 4 months and my parents ended up adopting him 🙂 It’s simply amazing what patience and love can do for these puppy mill survivors! Ralph started out a timid, shy and scared boy – all of that is behind him now. He’s definitely living the good life, just as he deserves