Pet of the Month – Little Sausage!


Meet our little Sausage!

Update: I’ve been Adopted! 

Sausage is a spunky long haired Chihuahua looking for a forever home. He is about 5 years old and a whopping 6 pounds!  He is so special, that he even has his own website!

Sausage loves spending time with his  foster mom and his doggie brother and sister. he makes dog friends easily, but being the only King of House would be OK with him too. When the humans aren’t home he doesn’t mind spending time in his kennel, its cozy in there!

Sausage is really great at doing the happy dance for his dinner. He’s got moves like Jagger! Humans are tall so they make him nervous sometimes, but once you show him you’re nice, Sausage loves to snuggle. Big humans (over the age of about 10) are the best snuggle companions for him. Sausage is pretty quiet most of the time, but when he gets excited, he’s let you know. His foster mom is helping him learn where the best places to potty are, we know he’s going to get it right soon.

To complete an adoption application click here!