Pet of the Month: Cher


Cher is new to our rescue.  She is about 7 years old and 18 pounds.  Cher is a Cutie Pie! Cher is a very sweet cute Jack Russell who is learning how good the world can be, She is getting less shy every day and now will come up to me for pets and attention. Cher is working on her house training and crate training and doing pretty good at picking it up with being on a schedule. She is enjoying playing with toys and also enjoys chewing on butcher bones and nylabones. Cher also really likes dog beds and soft blankets. Cher loves other dogs and also enjoys playing with them and hanging out with them. One of the cutest things that Cher does is when her foster mom is petting her and telling her how wonderful she is she will gently put her paw on her hand as to say please don’t stop I am enjoying this so much! Will you be the one to be Cher’s loving home?