Linda has learned life is good

I want to thank you all at Underdog Rescue! It was a year ago that I
adopted one of your very special dogs, Linda. I have changed her name
to Lindy Lou and she has responded well to it. She is a beautiful,
tender and very lovable little girl and it has been so exciting watching
her change from a fearful little thing to claiming her right to be a
beloved pet. Yes, she is a little fearful but she comes out of her
shell and trusts a little more each day. She is becoming very playful
and will do a little dance and throw around her Yammi treats and
collects her pigs ears, lines them up and rolls around them. I’m
trying to get her interested in toys but so far, not so much. She loves
to be pet and to sit with me in a rocking chair. She wakes up every
morning happy to see me and have her back scratched. At times she takes
off and wants me to chase her, she does let me catch her though! She
hardly needs correction as she is so smart that all she needs is to be
shown what to do and she does it. I love my Lindy Lou and where ever I go she will go.
Thank you again for rescuing this loving little dog from the puppy mill
that abused her so.