Jo Jo (Smudge)

"A Puppy Mill Successful Rehoming"

We met Jo Jo “Smudge” through DownTownDogs as we picked up our other Boston Terrier, Jax, from an overnight stay.  They always tell us whom Jax played with the most and this time is was with “Smudge”.  They brought her out for us to meet her and told us a little about her – that she was available for fostering and adoption.  I immediately wanted to take her home – as it was love at first sight for me!!

When we were able to bring her home – it was as if she has been apart of our family all along!

It is great to see her getting healthier day after day!  At first she could not walk up the stairs at all – now she zooms up and down the stairs like a pro!!  She is great on the leash for our walks and loves to play with Jax.  She even tries to play with our cat – Luther – which I think Jo Jo “Smudge” thinks he is just a really furry dog!
We are so thankful for Underdog Rescue in doing all they do to help animals like Jo Jo “Smudge”.  It pains me to think what her life must have been like.  We are so happy to have her as a part of our family!
Jenni, Tim, Jax, Jo Jo , and Luther