"Hannah's Kids"

This is Ms Hannah.  We adopted her on Sunday, March 23, 2009, which is now her birthday to us!  Hannah has been the best pet.  When we got her she had an eye infection, that required her to have eye surgery.  Since her surgery, her eyes have been great.  At first, Hannah liked to run out of our yard to meet and greet anyone walking.  Now we say her name, tell her to sit and she does!  She sleep curled up in a ball and sleeps in our bed at night!  The thing we love the most is she the most friendly dog!!!  She is great with our boys and other children.  She can get a little rowdy, but as long as we have a toy to throw outside, she is in Heaven.  Thank you Underdog Rescue for all the good you do for all animals that are abandoned and left to fend for themselves, if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have our Hannah, or a/k/a Baby Girl.
Terri and Steve W.