Foster Dog Stolen Out of SLP Yard

"Help Us Find Him"

Missing from a fenced yard in St. Louis Park on the afternoon of Wednesday, 6/2.  A very sweet, friendly little guy was outside enjoying the warm breezy weather while his foster mom was mopping the floor, until a stranger came along and nabbed him.  The person who took poor Dusty wrote us a letter saying he or she refused to give him back because he/she wanted to keep him for themselves unless we would pay them $1,000.  They said that they took him from our fenced yard the afternoon he disappeared.  Please, if you have Dusty, you know what you are doing is very wrong.  Dusty has been through enough. Please don’t torture him.

Dusty needs medical attention.  He had major dental work in March and was scheduled for a second round of dental work on Monday 6/7 in Minneapolis – an appointment that he had to miss because you stole him from us.  Please don’t continue to make him suffer and give him back so that we can get him the care he badly needs.  If you know who has Dusty, please do the right thing and help us get him where he belongs.  If you have noticed a neighbor who has a new red and buff Pomeranian, and if that dog appeared around the same time as when he went missing, please contact the authorities.  We are able to prove he is ours.  There was no return address on the envelope and the postmark was from Mankato. Please help us by spreading the message, and by making sure your own pets are safe.