Ava when she came to UDR.

Shannon and Underdog Rescue,

We are happy to present our darling dog, Ava, who is now a healthy, happy little girl dog.  It shows the wonderful result of all the hard work that the people do who rescue and foster these animals.  Shannon, thank you especially, we are so happy with this little dog and she gets along with her big ‘sister’ Betsy, who is also a rescue dog.  They run around the yard all day long and are ‘hunting’ squirrels. Ava also has no skin allergies and no special diet, other than a well balanced food and treats. Her skin has seemed to have healed and there are no more burned areas, so she could probably win a doggie beauty contest any day! 

Thanks so much! 

Mel and  Marilyn, mama and daddy to Ava

Ave now!