Take your pick, these new recruits need foster homes!

Lots of Need, Few Foster Homes

Since March 1st, Underdog has rescued 31 dogs, but has only rehomed 9. The rescued dogs desperately needed our help, so we couldn’t say no, even though it means that we will potentially have to cover the cost of boarding these “extras” until either more dogs are adopted, or fosters homes step up to take a new recruit.

If you are willing to take a foster, even temporarily, we would love to match you up with one of these needy pooches. There are a lot to choose from, take a look at our Facebook Album, which lists many of the dogs looking for foster homes. We also have several that do not yet have photos.

The good news is that we have several pending adoptions, which will open up some foster homes, and we have several new foster homes just waiting for final home visit approval.  However, with a 22 dog “surplus” we have so many waiting to get into a foster home.  Please step up today to help a dog in need.