Rescue Community Crisis

In an effort to lower their euthanasia rate, the Animal Humane Society (AHS) recently changed their policy regarding incoming animals. Per the January 2011 changes, any stray or owner-released animal will be taken in by appointment and only after a sit-down interview with Humane Society staff has been completed. Additionally, the AHS has instituted a $45 fee charged for each stray or owner-surrendered animal.

As a result, there is a documented 25% increase in the number of homeless animals arriving at smaller impound facilities. Unfortunately, these facilities have neither the funding nor the staff to keep up with this overflow. Local Animal Control organizations are struggling and have reached out to Underdog Rescue for much-needed help.

Below are only some of the faces behind the statistics. With the rising temperatures of spring and the state of the economy, the number of homeless animals needing help is already staggering. This summer, we expect that number will reach a record high in Minnesota. Please do what you can to help!

Foster homes are needed IMMEDIATELY for:


Rachel (Shih Tzu), a three-five year old sweet & quiet spayed female

Brandon (Boxer), a six-seven month old pup who loves other dogs. Brandon would do best in a home where he doesn’t need to be crated for long periods of time.

Tattoo (Japanese Chin), a neutered male who is great with other dogs

Stella (Cocker Spaniel), a six-year old owner-release who would prefer a quiet, calm home

Diva (Sheltie), a shy but sweet girl who would prefer a quiet, calm home

Ming (Pekinese)

Choy (Pekinese)

Ducky (Lab/Greyhound/Shepherd mix), a one-year old neutered male who needs a home that can give him a lot of exercise and attention. Ducky would LOVE to be someone’s running partner!

Drew (Pit Bull mix), a very sweet 11-year old female who was surrendered at a local Animal Control by her owners who decided they didn’t want her anymore. Drew is confused and frightened by the noise and stress of Animal Control. If we don’t find a home to take her in, we fear Drew will die at Animal Control today or tomorrow. Like all of our rescues, she deserves to be loved and cherished in a forever home. Drew is incredibly sweet and gets along well with other dogs.

Harry (Pit Bull mix), He was found in an alley and was severely underweight, had wounds on his front legs and back end.  4 -5 years old male.  Sweet and friendly. Shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs or cats.  No signs of food aggression.

Carl (Shepherd-Pit Mix), He was hit by a car and have healed from my broken toe. 4 month old male. He is very sweet! He knows how to sit and is doing good on going to the bathroom outside.  Has shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs.

Harley (Rottweiler), 6-9 month old male. He is very happy, friendly and sweet.  Knows basic commands. Shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs.

Rosie (Chesapeake/Lab Mix), 5-7year old female. She knows how to sit and LOVES food.  Even though she may be older, she still runs around like a young pup. She is very friendly and have show no signs of aggression.

Ricardo (Chihuahua Mix), 8 months old male. He was hit by a car.  Like most Chihuahuas, he is shy at first and then warms up to you.  He gives lots of kisses and LOVES to be held.  He has shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs or cats.

Sukii (Pit Bull Mix), 1 year old female pit bull mix. She is friendly, sweet and LOVES to be right next to you. She also knows how to sit and has shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs.


Summit, 1 year old neutered male who is good with other cats and dogs

Curry, Approximately 4 year old who is very mellow, sweet and quiet.

Splish, Adorable, petite 2 year old neutered adult male who looks like a permanent kitten!

Any help you can give is appreciated by all of us at Underdog Rescue and the many cats and dogs who benefit from your time and care!