Puppy Supplies


Underdog Friends & Family, we need your help.
Due in part to a large, national puppy brokerage firm going out of business, hundreds of puppies need our help.  Over the next two weekends we will be attending two auctions that, combined, have listed 500 puppies to be auctioned off. These are puppies who would have been sold in pet stores.  Instead, many of these puppies will find themselves spending their lives as commercial breeding dogs, and not beloved family pets.  We are going in with a mission to bring home as many as possible. The last auction we attended there were only 187 puppies listed and we were able to rescue 19.  These upcoming auctions are a significant jump in quantity and we are going in ready to change lives! We can’t, however, do it without your help. We need SUPPLIES (or funds for supplies) and most of all FOSTERS!
Financial contributions can be made here:


Supplies can be purchased and dropped off during any of our adoption events. Click HERE for our events calendar.

-Potty pads, reusable or disposable
-Fromm Gold puppy food
-Orijen Puppy food
-Canine Caviar soft canned food
-Size XS, S, M harnesses and collars
-small Leashes
-Canine Probiotic powder- Puppies often times suffer from tummy problems after the stress of auction
-Puppy play pens (metal, plastic or pop up)
-Paper Towels
-Bedding- soft blankets
-Non toxic cleaning spray (Method, Trader Joes or Seventh Generation brands)


If you are interested in joining our team of fosters click HERE to apply