PUFF-ectly Happy!


Like so many others, we saw the video on KARE11 about an adorable puffy puppy grabbed from the ravages of a puppy mill, targeted for euthanasia due to a hole in her heart and miraculously saved by Underdog Rescue and the U of M Veterinary Hospital. My heart zeroed in on her instantly. I called my husband and said, “Be the voice of reason and talk me out of this.” However, apparently it was love at first sight for him as well.

We thought Puff was a passing thought, having gone to another family… and then news came she was ours. Puff, a cream colored Maltese/Shihtzu mix bounced into our house with a whirlwind of healthy energy on April 16th. We have two, yes two, other dogs: Hickory, a 10 yr old golden retriever and Sushi, a 4 yr old Shitzhu/Poodle mix and they were none too sure about this spunky infiltrator. Each week that has passed, Puffy’s relentless nagging them to play has softened their curmudgeon hearts a little more. Now Puff does whatever they do, fearlessly romping about the yard with them (and bigger neighbor dogs) and especially loves our sweet Goldie.

Puff is completely healthy now and has totally meshed into our family. Our vet has declared her sound at a whopping 7 lbs at 7 months old, but she does go back to the surgeon in July for one last double check. She has come a long way from a sickly, homeless ball of fluff.  Thank goodness for her rescue and also loving foster mom for bringing to us this happy, healthy little heart. We do see a little residual timidity left over from her traumatic start in life, but that seems to be relieved by some extra loving and reassurance. Puff is smart, a tornado of energy, loves to play, but is also learning to be a cuddler like our other dogs. She is pretty much a normal spirited puppy and that means I can’t wait for puppy school to start next week! ~Nancy