Precious Nellie has earned a forever home

Nellie was rescued from a sub-standard commercial breeder over one year ago. She was age 2 and had already been a breeder for a year and a half. From the terror in her eyes we could tell she had never had human touch that was not cruel. She could not be touched or picked up without an agonizing battle. All we could do was love her and help her find out what life could be like as a dog. After months of hand feeding and gentle nurturing we see the dog coming out that was meant to be. Although Nellie does not realish being picked up, she is developing trust in her foster family. She has her favorite spot on the couch. She walks on leash beautifully and loves her walks, smelling and seeing all of the things she missed growing up.   She doesn’t do tricks, but she loves a treat after she has gone out.  Nellie is house trained and we have learned to spot her signs. “She is a quiet little girl and will make a wonderful companion. She only needs gentle, patient love to continue her journey into her new life.