Underdog Rescue Partners with Almost Home

Underdog Rescue has again partnered with Almost Home Rescue of South Dakota to rescue puppy mill dogs who are being released from their mills because they are no longer producing enough puppies to make them profitable. We agreed to take 12 dogs. These poor pups have never known the love and compassion of people, but rather have lived a life of fear, anxiety, and noise.

Each of the 12 dogs we rescued have significant medical needs ranging from spay and neuters, dentals, and orthopedic correction of genial conditions. These precious souls are the epitome of an Underdog, so there was no way we could turn our back on their plight. However, their ongoing care will cause a great drain on our limited funds. If you believe, like we do, that these deserving dogs should receive the very best care, we encourage you to donate on their behalf.

We are still seeking additional foster homes for several of these darlings, if you are interested in joining in the effort to give them a better life, please complete a foster care application.