Pet Of The Month: Lee

s6100a6650755m19282693Lee is a 1-2 year old hound mix. He is great dog that loves everyone. He often looks like he is smiling. He is an athlete and would love to have a friend who would take him for a daily run or long walk. He is extremely intelligent and affectionate. He can be strong-willed at times and needs someone who knows how to be an alpha leader to him. He is potty trained and does great with free access when left alone in his foster home.  He is not a huge fan of his crate so if you like to leave your dogs loose while at work, he would be a good fit! He is highly food motivated, which helps with training him. He enjoys playing with other dogs. He gets along fine with some cats, but sometimes gets a little too excited and tries to play with the cat, which can be scary for the kitty.  Lee is a wonderful dog who will give someone many years of joy and faithful companionship. Can you be his new furever friend?  Please click HERE to complete an adoption application.