Pet of the Month: Betty Crocker


She is about 5-6 years old and 14 pounds.  Betty Crocker is a sweet, adorable and gentle girl. She arrived extremely scared, skittish and leery of everything. Since being in foster care, Betty Crocker has made great strides in learning to trust humans. Betty has responded so well to laying in her fosters lap being scratched/stroked and told how good, pretty and sweet she is. And she is! She is so good at going potty, etc. outside. We had one potty accident when she first arrived, however since having a designated place to do her business outside in the yard, there have been zero accidents. Like clockwork, Betty Crocker likes to do her thing in the morning, the afternoon and at bedtime. There have been no problems with eating her food or drinking water and she loves chewing on a little bully stick. The bully stick keeps her occupied for about an hour. Toys on the other hand, we’re working on it. Baby steps… (as she has such short legs : ) Betty would not do well with small children in the home. Sudden/quick movements and loud noises scare her. Her current foster home is serene and peaceful which in return has made Betty a much calmer little girl.