Neglected Ginger Gets Media Attention

Ginger, a female boxer mix, is continuing to recover from a cruel past.

As part of National Animal Control Appreciation Week and Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month, members of the media were invited to meet Ginger at the city of Minneapolis animal shelter Friday.

Ginger arrived at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control with stained brown coloring on her undercoat due to sitting and sleeping in her own feces and urine for a lengthy period of time. Although Ginger has been washed many times since, the stained color hasn’t lifted yet. Ginger also came into care significantly underweight and in need of affection.

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control  and Underdog Rescue is working with Ginger so she can be adopted to a new home soon.

Watch Ginger’s Story on Fox9.

Sweet Ginger did not deserve to be treated like this… Do what you can to help prevent animal cruelty!