Macbeth (aka Keebler)

MacbethI just want to thank you so much for Keebler. We spent all of Saturday and Sunday falling in love. He is a truly adorable little dog and we feel so blessed to have found him. I swear, he was made in heaven just for us. Even my husband, who is Mr. “Big Dog” guy is smitten. What a personality Keebler (or shall I say MacBeth [Mac for short])has. Yes, we did give change his name. We reasoned that it would make us all feel more like he was a part of our family. My husband has had dogs with names of literary characters all of his life, and being a Scottie/Yorkie mix, MacBeth seemed to fit the ticket. He seems to be completely trained (although occasionally leaks with excitement), and we’ve had nary an accident. He is calm, rarely barks unless he hears a door or the bell, and loves everyone. We are all (perhaps, except our cats who we expect to adjust soon) absolutely ecstatic with him. He seems to want to play with the cats but when they give him a
warning hiss, he come and buries his little face in our laps or between our ankles if we are standing.  Yes I can tell you that he has definitely found a loving home where he will be adored for every day of the rest of his life. 

Thanks again! We are forever in your debt!