Lulu's Story

Six months ago we adopted from your organization a very cute and very sweet
little Chihuahua named Lucy (we now call her Lulu or Lu). She was
so shy and timid! For several months she preferred to hide in her cozy crate
and ignore the humans and dogs in the house. But one day she decided to be
bold and each day since, Lulu interacts a little more with her family. Now,
she loves to run in the back yard with wild abandon and she chases her
Chihuahua brother around in circles until they are both out of breath.

Lu quickly learned to walk on a leash and enjoys a daily trip around the
block in good weather. Surprisingly, she is quite the daddy’s girl and the
two are inseparable- she even prefers to snuggle next to him in bed at

Having lost two dogs in the past year to illness and old age, it is
comforting to have her around and we look forward to her daily antics.
Although she still has much to learn, Lulu has turned out to be a great
Chihuahua and she has such good manners! We are happy to tell you that she
is very content in her new home.    Here is Lu with her Chi brother.