Izzy is loved

A note from Izzy’s new mom.Thought I would give you an update on Izzie. She is doing very well and everyone loves her. We changed her name to Lily because my daughter Andrea was having trouble pronouncing Izzie for others to understand. Lily responds very well to her new name. She gets a B+ in potty training, not perfect but for her age, pretty darned good. She sleeps in her kennel at night and is mostly quiet. She gets free time on the first level of our home after she has taken care of business outside. We have baby gates up at the mud/laundry room, which is now called Lily’s House, and she is usually content in there. She does love to chew on fingers and toes, so that is a work in progress. Our house is filled with chew sticks and toys for distraction from our hands. She is spunky, sometimes has a little attitude, but when she is mellow she loves to snuggle. She is eating well and seems to be gaining weight. She has met and played with the neighbor dogs, big and small and seems to enjoy other dogs. We brought her to a BBQ last weekend and she loved all the people. She will be a great boat dog, she loved her first ride. She has a good life here and we love her. Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt her.