Hillary's Story

Hillary1“In deciding to adopt I figured I would be filling a void in Hilary that was created through her years of being considered a money maker. But now I realize that the dogs fill a void in us as well. They also teach us that simple acts of love and kindness can make all the difference in the world.  After we make the decision to open our hearts and home our lives are never the same (for the better). Had I known earlier what I know now about adopting, I would have adopted sooner.

Bringing Hilary into my little family has proven to be the best thing for both me and my dog Tucker.  These too love each other so much already and have become inseparable. They teach each other and me new things about life everyday. Nobody ever said rescue dogs were easy, but those moments of frustration are worth it when my night ends with these two!! I do have to give credit to my wonderful Tucker as well. He is such a sweet loving dog that has no mean, aggressive, territorial or grumpy bone in his body. He is just 100% loving of every person and animal, so he has been very patient with Hilary as she learns new things. He also doesn’t give up on her in terms of teaching her new things like playing. Even though she still has no clue what to do with toys he still sometimes takes the toys to her to try and entice her into a game of tug of war (his favorite game which he has taught to pups he has been around). It is almost like he acts as her therapy and support dog. Without him I don’t think she would have progressed as quickly as she has.

Plus having the support and guidance of all the amazing foster parents and fellow adopters makes things less terrifying (in terms not knowing a thing about puppy mill dogs as well as showing off our proud moments to others who understand how big of a deal they are)”

– Alicia, Hillary’s mom

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