Henny changed her mind

It’s been almost a year since I adopted Henny (now Henrietta), after fostering her for several months.  I thought you might like to see some photos and a little video of what she’s been up to.  It took a lot of time and a lot of patience, but she’s gone from being a traumatized, dog-shaped thing to being a very funny chihuahua!  She chases the cats around and tries to get them to chase her, and everybody gets along pretty well.  We often visit my parents and their two bigger (60lb) dogs, whom Henny LOVES to play with — she’s still reluctant to interact with dogs she doesn’t know, but she can’t get enough of her ‘auntie dogs’.

I had originally wanted to foster a dog because I thought it would be nice to care for one without committing to a dog for good.  Henny really changed that, though; every time I look at her, I love her more!  She leads a very spoiled life (as you can see by all her toys and bones in the video!), but all the doting has really changed her for the better, and it’s just what she deserves after such a rough first few years.