Help Save the “Dollar Store Puppies”!

A few days ago, one of our volunteers noticed someone selling puppies on the side of the road in a dollar store parking lot. She stopped to check it out and found them in a cardboard box, shivering, dirty, and sitting in their own mess. She bought them on the spot for $60 each. Garrison, Breezy, Walker, and Crosby joined the Underdog family that day, know as the “Dollar Store Puppies”.

The initial vet exam indicated dehydration and 4 varieties of worms. However 24 hours later, Breezy, the smallest of the bunch began declining in her overall health and activity. We quickly got her to the U of M and she tested positive for parvo. Two of her brothers, Walker and Crosby followed suit. All three pups are currently at the U of M receiving incredible care, receiving fluids and feeding tubes. They will remain at the U of M until they are able to eat and drink on their own.

We are determined to give these puppies their best chance but its quickly draining our resources. We have spent $3,000 so far and it is currently costing us $1500 per night for their care. That cost will continue to grow. We need your help. They need your help.

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