Former Underdog Goes Missing in Eagan!

"I'm lost & scared..."

On May 31st newly adopted Jax got spooked out of his Martingale collar and ran.  Jax is missing his front right leg, he is blue and white, and about 1 years old. 

Jax was saved from a life in a puppy mill, which means that he is nervous and scared of new people and new environments.  If you catch sight of him, please do not approach him.  Instead, keeping an eye on his location, contact the local animal control authorities, as they have ways of humanely catching frightened animals. 

He was last reported being surrounded by 20 people in Eagan, either by the MN Zoo or at 13 & Silver Bell.   We are helping his desperate family by searching for their sweet boy and posting about his plight.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jax, or can help search for him, we would appreciate it very much.   There will be organized search parties over the next few days.  Thank You.