Face to face with Beasley

First things first: the weird face. Beasley’s face looks a little odd. When we first rescued him, we thought his muzzle had been burned. But the dermatology specialist tells us that Beasley probably had a skin infection as a puppy but his owners didn’t take him to a vet clinic to be treated. The poor boy must have been so miserable without medical treatment! The infection has long since healed, but it left Beasley with facial scars.He’s not contagious in any way and he doesn’t have “special needs.”  Beasley continues to thrive and weighs a healthy 60 pounds and is 4 years of age.
. He’s affectionate, obedient (95% of the time!), and loves to play and be with people and other dogs.
Beasley’s been an Underdog way too long–and it’s just because of his weird face. Will you be the adopter who will look past Beasley’s facial scars and see the good boy he is?

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