Cupcakes For Turtle

Turtle2 Where: Sweet Retreat, 5013 France Ave South, Minneapolis MN 55410

When: Saturday November 16, 10:00am-5:00pm

Turtle is the poster puppy for everything that is wrong with puppy mills. Please share his story far and wide, and show your support by joining him for a special Turtle cupcake!

Come enjoy a sweet treat and meet little Turtle! Your support will enable us to save future “Turtles”!


Even at his weakest, Turtle found the strength to love. While under the care of Southview Animal Hospital, he thanked Underdog volunteers with feeble kisses. A puppy mill victim, Turtle’s second shot at life has been rife with struggle. The cruel and inhumane treatment he received at the puppy mill left lasting and devastating effects; when Turtle became sick with pneumonia his little body was unable to fight back. The cheap antibiotics given to him at a young age caused antibiotic resistance. As his prognosis worsened, Turtle saw numerous vets and was ultimately hospitalized for over a month.

While far from out of the woods, through sheer will and love of life, he is finally on the mend. Turtle’s life is priceless, but his vet bills amounted to over $11,000. To help offset the expense, continue his healing, and save others like him, Sweet Retreat has teamed up with Underdog Rescue to host a fundraiser on November 16th. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., $1 from every cupcake sold will go to Turtle’s recovery fund, as will half the proceeds of a special “Turtle” cupcake.turtle1