Coco/Chloe thrives in her new home

Dear Shannon & Underdog Volunteers,

This update is overdue, since it has been 7 months since we adopted our little Yorkie, Coco (formerly Chloe). We waited until we had all good news to report. Coco came to us with a broken jaw, mammary tumors, and luxating patellas. Now, after several surgeries and a lot of TLC, Coco is a much healthier girl. Her jaw will never heal, but she is comfortable and eats well. Coco and our other Yorkie, Harley, have become inseparable. She loves to go camping and hiking, but snuggling is her favorite activity.

Here is a photo of the pups (Coco is on the right). We are grateful to Underdog Rescue for bringing Coco into our lives. Thank you for all that you do!

The Stone Family