Bulldogs 3 Need Your Help!

Recently, three special bulldogs joined the Underdog Rescue family, ready to start their happy new lives. However, it became apparent that these three were in need of more than a warm bed and cuddles. Each of the “Bulldogs 3” need significant medical care, and we can’t do it without you. Please read their stories, donate and share!

Ollivander 2Meet Ollivander.  Ollivander came into Underdog Rescue as a local owner surrender due to some urine incontinence and a cleft lip.  While his cleft lip was no bother to him, his urine incontinence was.  Ollivander was quickly taken to the vet for evaluation without a penny to his name. After a few x-rays and ultrasounds, Ollivander is hoping to make a trip to the University of Minnesota to further diagnose a possible mass or enlarged prostate.  After spending some time in foster care, it was also discovered that Ollivander needs ACL surgery on his rear right knee.  Ollivander is a sweet boy who makes zero complaints about his cleft lip – his only wish is to get a new knee and figure out what is going on with his urination issues so he can take care of that on his own!  He is very confident that after these issues are assessed that his forever family will be right around the corner!

Meet Lillian. Lillian was rescued, along with Lola in December of 2016 from a life of lilliancommercial breeding.  Lillian has an inverted tail which is quite painful for her and is very prone to infections after spending her life in a breeding facility.  She has likely lived her entire life with an infected, inverted tail and the news that it will be cleaned, removed, and a worry free zone is beyond her wildest dreams!  Imagine her excitement when we told her we would also fix her soft pallet so she is able to breathe, run, and play like the happy bulldog she is!  She can hardly wait to begin her #newyearnewme 2017 campaign and is asking for your help to achieve that.
lolaMeet Lola. Lola also has an inverted tail that is causing her some pain due to infection.  We promised her she would be jumping for joy and acting like new lady when her tail is removed, teeth are cleaned, and her sutures are removed after her spay.  She couldn’t be more excited and is so grateful for the opportunity to be someone’s new best friend while feeling her absolute greatest!
The Bulldogs 3 deserve the happiest, rolly-polly-est futures spoiled in a bulldog loved home complete with licks, snores, and naps galore. Please donate to help make that possible!
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