Bejing in her forever home!

I just wanted to share how absolutely great Beijing is doing.  We’ve had
her for five months now and she has just blossomed.  I remember so
clearly when we saw her at the adoption event, she was just a little
black dust mop and my kids fell in love with her.  I had never even
considered getting a Pekingnese and wondered if I would be able to care
for her properly.  Well those worries lasted about one day!  She is such
a honey, just the sweetest little girl you could ever meet.  To see her
running down the street with her ears flying out behind her and her tail
wagging so joyfully, it is just the greatest thing ever.  I am so glad
we adopted Beijing!  It is more work having two dogs, I must admit, but
then there is twice the fun and twice the love.  For the rest of my
life, any other dogs I get are going to be rescue dogs.  They are truly
special!  Thanks for saving her for us.  We love her. Please tell Deb
her foster mom how great she is doing!