Application Fee

Puppies under a year as well as bulldogs have a required $25 application fee.

Application fees must be paid within 24 hours or your application will be considered void.

We will not review or contact applicants that have not completed the payment portion.

Applications will be responded to within 5 business days, after receipt of the application fee.

Please understand that paying the $25 fee does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt the puppy or dog you are interested in. Our goal is place puppies and bulldogs in homes that are suited for their individual needs. You may be willing and able to provide a great home, but if it doesn’t meet the specific needs of the puppy or dog, we will not approve your application.

We accept applications for puppies and bulldogs until we have a candidate that meets all of the requirements needed and they have been contacted to review the adoption process as well as agree to all of the terms to move forward.

Please pay the $25 application fee by clicking on the Paypal link below.

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