Dog Details

Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton Cotton
Chow Chow (long coat)
Medium Baby Male

Available for Adoption

Pet ID # 23-0508

Minneapolis, MN

Organization Contact Info: Underdog Rescue MN P.O. Box 16453 St. Louis Park, MN 55416

About Cotton

  • DOB: 6/11/2023
  • Weight: 5.9 Pounds
  • Physical Fence Required: Any Type
  • Housetrained: No
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: High
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly
  • Activity level: Moderately Active
  • Requires Another Dog in the Home?: No
  • Good with Other Dogs?: Yes
  • Good with Cats?: Yes
  • Good with Kids?: No

Compatibility Qualities

  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Dogs
  • Apartment appropriate
  • Older/ considerate kids only

More about Cotton

  • Somewhat vocal
  • Requires a yard
  • Cratetrained
  • Likes to play with toys
  • Playful
  • Eager To Please
  • Intelligent
  • Goofy

Do you want to meet me? I will be at Unleashed Hounds and Hops (200 East Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405), for an adoption event Thursday, 9/21 from 6:00-8:00 pm. I will be there! Please email for questions regarding the dogs.



  • DOB: 06/11/2023
  • Requires another dog in home: No, but preferred
  • Okay with dogs of all sizes: yes
  • Okay with cats: Unknown
  • Okay with children under 12 years old: Unknown
  • Weight: 8 pounds and growing!
  • Requires a fenced yard:  Yes, until proven otherwise
  • Note: dogs must always be leashed whenever outside of a contained area.  Invisible/ underground fencing is not recommended for most rescue dogs.

Right now I’m a typical ball of fluff puppy who is smart, brave, curious and joyous.  I’m sure to bring a smile to your face (or the face of anyone that meets me). I’ve not met a treat, food, human, cat, dog or anything that I haven’t liked.

I’ve learned so much since joining my foster family.  We are working on crate training and getting on a good potty training schedule. I don’t have much experience with leash training so a fenced yard would be appreciated.  I sleep through the night in my kennel too! I am a very smart puppy and do require my forever family to attend training with me BEFORE adoption. Please read the info below.

My foster mom likes to squish my fluffy face and tells me I am the best puppy ever! I am full of puppy energy and ready for adventures. I hope to meet you soon!

PLEASE READ: Chow Chows are a unique breed and have a reputation of being headstrong, independent, and strong-willed. They don’t always feel the need to be around people so training early in life is important to form a bond. Early and continued socialization and training can help discourage territorial or unwanted behavior. These dogs are not the best fit for a first-time dog parent since they require more time and work when it comes to their training. Additionally, an adopter needs to commit 10-15 minutes of DAILY brushing to maintain their coat. The coat is maintained by brushing, not shaving. To get off on the right foot, Underdog Rescue is asking adopters to collaborate on a training and socialization plan that will need to be completed BEFORE adoption so you are prepared to raise a kind-hearted and well-behaved dog.     

*I’m a growing puppy and I have not yet had a lot of experience with crates, kids or cats and I might bark if something alarms me, but I really love to learn and hoping for a family who will take me to a basic obedience class to continue to help me build confidence and dog skills. Ideally my forever home would need to be home during the day to help me with my potty training and not leave me for breaks longer than 3 - 4 hours. If you are looking for a best friend, please fill out the puppy application. The more info you include on the application the better so I can find a good match for my forever home. Get your toy box ready!

**Obedience classes are required when adopting this puppy from Underdog Rescue. Many of our puppies have a mama who was not properly socialized before coming to Underdog Rescue. Since coming to Underdog, this puppy has been in a socialized and loving home, but that needs to be continued with its Adopters.  Training classes teach puppies the ins and outs of being a pet while creating a bond with their new Adopter.  Obedience classes are key to creating a relationship with your puppy while having it be a happy and successful member of society. Proof of Obedience Class registration is required for this puppy before adoptions can be finalized.  If you would like some suggestions, we would be happy to send some trainers who have experience with Underdog Rescue, but a Basic Obedience class in your area should work!

Please note that some of our dogs are obtained from shelters, surrendered to our care, or released from breeders.  Each animal's bio is based on our experience of the animal within our care, an educated guess based on physical characteristics, temperament and information shared. Each dog receives basic grooming when coming into rescue, but for some dogs they have not received grooming attention until recently and grooming may be required shortly after adoption.  This will be at the adopters expense, so we encourage you to research the breed and be prepared for grooming expenses.  Underdog cannot guarantee hypoallergenic or non shedding qualities of any dogs in our rescue.  Some of the animals come from situations where they are lacking experience in a home and confidence in humans. In turn, they require another companion dog and/or a fenced in yard in their forever home in order for them to feel safe. If you are interested in a   particular dog whose bio states those needs and do not currently have them, please understand that your home might not be the right fit.  Please use the filter on our Adoptable Dogs page to find the perfect match for your home.  

This puppy requires an application fee. This fee must be paid within 24 hours or your application will be considered void.    We will not review or contact applicants that have not completed the payment portion.

Puppy Applications will be responded to within 5 business days, after receipt of the application fee.  Please understand that paying the fee does not guarantee you will be approved to adopt the puppy. Our goal is place puppies in homes that are suited for their individual needs. You may be willing and able to provide a great home, but if it doesn’t meet the specific needs of the puppy, we will not approve your application.

We accept applications for puppies until we have a candidate that meets all of the requirements needed for the specific puppy and they have been contacted to review the adoption process as well as agree to all of the terms to move forward.


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