Dog Details

Gleason Gleason Gleason Gleason
Pomeranian (long coat)
Small Adult Male

Available for Adoption

Pet ID # 22-0279

Minneapolis, MN

Organization Contact Info: Underdog Rescue MN P.O. Box 16453 St. Louis Park, MN 55416

About Gleason

  • Fence Required: Any Type
  • Housetrained: No
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Not Required
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: High
  • Owner Experience Needed: Species
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly
  • Activity level: Not Active

Compatibility Qualities

  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Kids
  • Older/ considerate kids only
  • Needs a companion animal

More about Gleason

  • Somewhat vocal
  • Requires a yard
  • Playful
  • Timid
  • Eager To Please
  • Intelligent
  • Gentle




  • DOB: 06/25/2016
  • Requires another dog in home: Yes, needs another dog
  • Okay with dogs of all sizes: Yes
  • Okay with cats: Unknown
  • Okay with children under 12 years old: Yes, older, respectful kids
  • Weight: 10.9 LBS
  • Requires a fenced yard:  Yes, not leash trained
  • Note: dogs must always be leashed whenever outside of a contained area. Invisible/ underground fencing is not recommended for most rescue dogs.

Hello, hello! My name is a Gleason and I am a shy, but friendly little guy looking for a warm, loving family to protect and take care of me!

If I seem a little nervous as I introduce myself, don’t take it the wrong way at all. I’m just more introverted than some of the other dogs, so I need some time to settle into new situations. But don’t worry, if you just give me a little time, you will see that I can settle into the family nicely! And I’m serious when I say I can get used to the whole family, my foster mom says I’m good with kids of all ages! No matter where I end up though, I do like to have another dog friend around to play with and learn from each day. I’ve had the chance to play with my foster mom’s thirteen year-old dog and we have a good relationship, but I haven’t met any bigger dogs yet, so I’m not totally sure how well I will get along with those guys yet. Similarly, I haven’t been around any cats yet, so it’s hard to say how I will feel about any feline friends.

One of the things my foster mom has noticed is that I like checking things out in the backyard. As I said before, give me a little time to explore and I will start feeling right at home! Since a fenced in yard is a more familiar environment for me, this is something my future family needs to have. Going on walks can be really intimidating for me and I may even end up freezing on my leash just because there is so much going on in the big world! So, the best way for me to get outdoor time and use the bathroom is in a gated backyard. The being said, my foster mom does like to take me on walks in a baby carriage and I don’t mind that one bit!

When I’m inside the house, I love chewing on little squeaky toys because they make the most fun noises! I’m also a big fan of taking naps and relaxing throughout the day because beauty rest is very important to me. I don’t do lots of talking (barking), unless something surprises me, but who doesn’t let out a yell when they’re surprised? I’m still working on crate and potty training right now - sometimes accidents can still happen. But if you’re willing to work with me on this skill, I’ll bet we can see some improvement!

Overall, I’m looking for a kind, patient family that needs a quiet, sweet companion in their lives. I’ll be there to curl up with you in the house and take in all the love and affection that you can offer me. So, if this sounds like the type of dog you are looking for, I hope that I will become the newest member of your family soon!

Some of our dogs are obtained from commercial breeders where they spent their lives getting comfort from their canine friends. Others have come from various situations where they are lacking confidence in humans. In turn, most require another companion dog in their forever home in order for them to feel safe. If you are interested in a particular dog, and do not currently have a dog residing with you, please understand that your home might not be the right fit for many of our dogs.

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