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Millie Millie Millie Millie Millie Millie Millie Millie
Labrador Retriever (short coat)
Large Adult Female

Available for Adoption

Pet ID # 21-0590

Minneapolis, MN

Organization Contact Info: Underdog Rescue MN P.O. Box 16453 St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Thank you for stopping by to see me!   Please check below to see what upcoming adoption events I will be attending or apply here for a private meeting.  If you have other questions about me you can email Underdog Rescue at <> ***Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our emails end up there***


  • DOB: 10/01/2015
  • Requires another dog in home: No
  • Okay with dogs of all sizes: Yes
  • Okay with cats: Yes
  • Okay with children under 12 years old: Unknown
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Requires a fenced yard:  Yes
    Note: dogs must always be leashed whenever outside of a contained area. Invisible/ underground fencing is not recommended for most rescue dogs.

Hello, my name is Millie. I am a stunning adult female Chocolate Lab who is not only silly, playful, and cuddly but I love napping next to foster mom! She says I “constantly” make her laugh which is wonderful! Truth is, I want to be around people 24/7…In fact, it’s safe to say that I am motivated by human love and attention. That said, whenever I get to visit new places, I am initially a bit timid but let me tell you…if there are pets and lovin’ to be had I sure warm up quickly and make the new place my own!! Hee, hee!

I love learning new things, traveling in the car to new and exciting destinations, talking to the strangers outside and gnawing on a good bone! It must be said that it’s a good thing I am human-affection- and not food-motivated because treats are not in the cards for this gal! Nope, I am on what mom calls a “fully raw diet” to firm up my stool because I have frequent diarrhea. Now I know you may be thinking… “Whaaaatttt??” But please let me explain, you see, due to a spinal injury, I have an enlarged bladder and atrophy of the spinal cord. Atrophy means ‘wasting away’ and it is a permanent condition that has led to fecal and urinary incontinence…I know, embarrassing right, but I get to wear a diaper in the house so that helps alleviate some of my not-so-finest moments! Additionally, mom currently gives me a special medication twice a day to help increase my bladder muscle contractibility so hopefully that will help. Thankfully, foster mom is an amazing lady…she lets me outside every couple of hours not only so I can try to avoid any embarrassing moments but also to prevent a nasty urinary tract/bladder infection! OUCH!!! Mom also pampers me with almost daily spa sessions to help me stay clean and ya know what?? Contrary to what some other canines may think…baths really aren’t so bad. I guess I am a bit of an optimist and choose to view my baths as quality time with mom! I’m just sayin’! Anyway, she says that as I age, I will be more susceptible to those painful infections so that means that my new home will need to be a VERY SPECIAL one with a family who is home with me, can let me out often and who is committed to helping me live the BEST life possible!

Please understand that my spinal cord issue does NOT define me!! I am an incredibly sweet and loving girl who loves life! As a matter of fact, I love it so much that I often jump with excitement and though mom loves to see the excited Millie, she also knows that in all my excited glory I may clumsily knock over even the heaviest of items so she says that my ‘Millie-energy’ might be too much for kids. I think that if they’re confident it might be ok, but I will just leave it to mom to decide if I can meet any kids. I am always respectful of cats, couldn’t care less about them really, and I get along with other dogs. I sleep well in my crate at night, but I HATE being in there during the day and will potty. I do very well on the leash but don’t like to go potty whist tethered to it…I mean seriously, would YOU feel comfortable doing your business with a rope around your neck?? I didn’t think so!! Hee, hee!! I will, however, do my business in the yard and my new yard will need to be fenced to ensure my safety! By the way, did I mention how smart I am?? I know commands like “sit”, “come”, “kennel/crate” and I even respond to “no” when mom says that if I’m jumping (LOL)! So there, you can clearly see that I am quite the prodigy!!

Anyway, I have an enormous heart that is full of love that I want to share with a loving and patient family who will shower me with unconditional love and NEVER give up on me! Will YOU please be my new family? I promise I am worth it, and not only will I completely enrich your life, but I will make that beautiful face of yours smile ear-to-ear and maybe even keep you laughing!! Love, Millie

Some of our dogs are obtained from commercial breeders where they spent their lives getting comfort from their canine friends. Others have come from various situations where they are lacking confidence in humans. In turn, most require another companion dog in their forever home in order for them to feel safe. If you are interested in a particular dog, and do not currently have a dog residing with you, please understand that your home might not be the right fit for many of our dogs.

***Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as sometimes our emails end up there***




Adoption events are updated as the foster home RSVP's to attend. Check back for updates on which events they will be attending. Please understand that all of our pets are in volunteer foster homes and sometimes "life" happens and the foster family cannot make it to their scheduled adoption event. If you are traveling from a far distance to meet a specific animal, please understand we cannot guarantee event attendance. You may wish to consider applying and setting up a private appointment. Private appointments are only scheduled after an application is submitted and approved.



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All of our animals are fostered in individual homes or doggie daycare facilities. While they are in our care, they are part of our families and given lots of love. We work on training, crate-training and socialization prior to adoption. Each animal's behavior is evaluated and we have a sense of its temperament and personality. We look for adopters who will give each animal the wonderful life and permanent home that he or she deserves. If you have an interest and ability to be a foster home, please visit our website  and fill out a foster application.



Nutrition is vital to the rehabilitation and life-long health of our pets.  All of our foster animals are fed a premium diet such as NutriSource, Canidae, Orijen, Nature's Variety, Fromm, Pure Vita, Stella and Chewy's, Primal, or balanced raw diet.  All adopters are required to continue providing premium diets for the life of the animal.



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