• Our Mission

    Underdog Rescue is a foster-based rescue organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing "underdogs" in the forever homes they deserve. We focus on animals who most need our help, especially Pit Bulls and Puppy Mill survivors.
  • Foster Homes

    We are a foster-based rescue organization. We depend on our loving foster families to help us save dogs and cats and find their new forever home. With the overflow of animals that have been neglected, abandoned and abused we can only save so many. Please consider becoming a foster home....

Pet of the Month

Wendell is new to rescue.  He’s 5-6 years old and had a very tough time in the commercial breeder facility.  He was extremely undernourished when we got him and is working on gaining some weight.  Here is what Wendell’s brand new foster mom has to say about him: “Wendell is a great dog. A little nervous right now, but certainly not shy or fearful. He slept like a baby last night in his crate with his nice heated puppy pad. He didn’t wake up once. He went right outside to do business with everyone else. He’s been exploring and checking every thing outside since then. He follows me around and wants to cuddle. He’s looking and smelling great after his bath.”